Welcome Consortiumnews.com Editor Joe Lauria! – Consortiumnews

The Consortium for Independent Journalism’s Board of Directors is pleased to announce that Joe Lauria has taken the reins this week as Consortiumnews.com’s Editor-in-Chief.

As a long-time contributor to the website and as someone whose career path followed closely the path taken by Consortium News founder Robert Parry – with an impressive resume in both mainstream and independent journalism – the Board is confident that Joe will provide the editorial guidance needed to take the website into its new chapter.

Joe, who took over on April 1, has a long and distinguished career in investigative journalism, writing for publications including the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, the Sunday Times of London, London Daily Mail, the Montreal Gazette, and Bloomberg News. Joe’s work has also appeared in the New York Times, the Washington Post, Salon.com, New York Magazine and The Guardian, as well as alternative media websites such as Antiwar.com, The Duran, and of course, Consortiumnews.com. His focus has been international affairs and its intersection with domestic policy, particularly regarding the Middle East (where he lived for three years), and U.S.-Russian relations.

He is the author of two books, A Political Odyssey, with former U.S. Senator and American presidential candidate Mike Gravel, which is a history of U.S. foreign policy and the defense industry, and How I Lost: By Hillary Clinton, an analysis of the DNC and Podesta emails revealed by WikiLeaks, with a foreword by Julian Assange.

Although we can all agree that the late Robert Parry is irreplaceable, Joe Lauria has the journalistic background, editorial judgment and political perspective to ensure that Consortiumnews.com remains the trusted source of independent news and views that readers have relied on for crucial insight and analysis since its founding in 1995. We hope that the loyal readers of Consortium News welcome him and remain committed to strengthening this unique home for independent journalism. We are confident that Joe will not only strive to keep Bob’s 23-year-old project alive but will honor his legacy by ensuring that the reach of the website continues to grow,…

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