We the People, Trumped by Constitution and Capitalism

Donald Trump has been struggling with historically unmatched low approval ratings – in the middle and high 30s for the most part –  across most of his presidency.  That is hardly surprising, given the ridiculous Boss Tweet’s relentlessly racist, sexist, plutocratic, eco-cidal, narcissistic, childish, and militantly un-presidential behavior. Like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush before him but on a significantly bigger scale, Trump has made a laughingstock out of the United States. Trump’s disgusting and idiotic conduct in the White House is all too obviously consistent with Trump’s disgraceful history since long before he became a serious presidential candidate.

The Yippies joked about running a pig for president in 1968. Forty-eight years later, the Republicans ran one and it won.  And now it wants a big military parade!

In my last Counterpunch essay, I wrote about how the deadly buffoon in the White House has retained a remarkably durable if small base of support among 35 to 39 percent or so of the population. Here I want to examine a different question: how does the Insane Clown President get to keep his position atop Superpower despite his epic unpopularity and his obvious and shameful unfitness (see Michael Wolff’s surprisingly masterful book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House) for any complex and demanding job?

Part of the answer lay in the deeply undemocratic nature of the United States; political institutions, a reflection to no small…

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