“We Don’t Have Stars Anymore – Except Your President”

“Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY.”

Steve Watson
Prison Planet.com
March 6, 2018

President Trump took to Twitter Tuesday, and hit out at the virtue signaling Hollywood crowd following the Oscars, which were once again centered around attacking anyone and anything that doesn’t fit the narrow viewpoint of hypocritical celebrities.

“Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY. Problem is, we don’t have Stars anymore – except your President (just kidding, of course)!” Trump tweeted.

According to the Associated Press, the viewership of the 2018 Academy Awards dropped 20 percent from last year’s show, which scored 33 million viewers.

The total viewership this year was a record-low 26.5 million. It marks the first time the awards event has reached fewer than 30 million people.

The ceremony was once again highly politicized, with shots taken at Trump, Mike Pence and the NRA throughout the entire broadcast.

The only time a vaguely conservative sentiment was expressed, when actor Gary Oldman thanked ‘America’ after his win for Best Actor as Winston Churchill in “The Darkest Hour,” the crowd seemed confused and fell silent.

“I’ve lived in America for the longest time, and I am deeply grateful to her for the loves and the friendships I have made and the many wonderful gifts it has given me,” Oldman said at the very beginning of his speech. “My home. My livelihood. My family and now Oscar.”

No one applauded.

But they did applaud when Jimmy Kimmel said Trump’s favorite film was ‘Get Out’ because he thought it was about immigrants.

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