Was Obama Insider Robert Gibbs Behind McDonald’s Anti-Trump Tweet?

Gibbs now McDonald’s chief communications officer

Kit Daniels
Prison Planet.com
March 16, 2017

Former Obama press secretary Robert Gibbs is the global chief communications officer at McDonald’s, fueling Internet speculation the restaurant’s anti-Trump tweet wasn’t simply a hack attack.

“Prior to that he held several senior advisory roles in the White House, serving as President Barack Obama’s press secretary during his first term, then as senior campaign advisor during his re-election campaign,” McDonald’s announced in 2015. “…In his new role, Gibbs will lead McDonald’s corporate relations group, which manages internal and external communications and government and public affairs.”

“He will lead McDonald’s in communicating clear, coordinated messages to internal and external constituencies, enhancing the brand and supporting corporate strategies.”

As press secretary, Gibbs was a known liar who admittedly, under orders, mislead the public about the Obama administration’s drone program.

“Here’s what’s inherently crazy about that proposition: you’re being asked a question based on reporting of a program that exists,” he said. “So you’re the official government spokesperson acting as if the entire program… pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.”

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Of course, Gibbs may have had nothing to do with the tweet, which called Trump a “disgusting excuse of a president” with “tiny hands,” but he got caught up in Internet speculation due to the fact that numerous Obama insiders still in positions of power have tried to undermine Trump.

It was just last month that a former Obama administration official suggested that President Trump be either declared mentally unfit to hold office or overthrown in a military coup.

Journalist Ed Klein warned that Obama decided to stay in DC after his presidency to run a “shadow…

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