VP Pence heads to Europe to reassure skeptical allies


US Vice President Mike Pence will seek to reassure skeptical allies in Europe about the US commitment to transatlantic relations and institutions.

Pence will make his first debut on the world stage this weekend with trips to Germany and Belgium with the aim of soothing partners unnerved with President Donald Trump’s statements on Russia and NATO.

The vice president will tell the annual Munich Security Conference on Saturday that Europe is an “indispensable partner” for the United States, a senior White House foreign policy adviser told reporters.

“We are the most secure and most prosperous when both the US and Europe are strong and united,” the adviser said.

Pence will also repeat the same message in private meetings with a dozen leaders, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, and leaders from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

Trump alarmed many allies in Europe during his campaign for the White House by his…

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