Vote for 3rd parties will be death knell for 2-party system: Analyst

US President Barack Obama is afraid that if Americans vote according to their conscience and their interests, it would be the “death knell” of the Democratic and Republican parties, an American political analyst and activist says.

On Wednesday, the US leader advised voters to refrain from voting for any of the third-party presidential candidates. Obama, who is openly campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, said during an interview that voting for third-party candidates, or not voting at all, only helps Republican candidate Donald Trump.

Myles Hoenig told Press TV on Friday that the reason Obama is “warning American voters not to vote for third parties is simply because the country knows the Democrats do not have a candidate favored by a majority of Americans and any vote not for Hillary Clinton hurts her chances to win the Presidency.”

“For years, the Democrats, and often the Republicans, use the argument that the other…

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