Violence Abroad

The mainstream media is publishing the standard, predictable explanations for the latest shooting rampage, this one against Republicans playing baseball in a park in Alexandria, Virginia. The two most popular are the right of people to own guns and political rage.

As with every other act of random killings here in the United States, the media misses the big one: The culture of ongoing violence that the national-security establishment has made a permanent part of America’s governmental structure.

For 27 continuous years, the Pentagon and the CIA have been killing people in the Middle East and Afghanistan. That is a long time to be killing people. And not just a few people. When we include the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children who were killed by the 11 years of sanctions on Iraq, the number of people killed by U.S. forces surely exceed a million. Granted, not the 6 million killed in the Holocaust, but nonetheless, a very large number of people killed.

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Add to the death toll the countless people injured and maimed. Add to that the many who have had their homes or businesses destroyed. Add to that the number of people who have fled to Europe to escape the violence. Add to that the many who have been killed by the civil wars that U.S. interventionism has unleashed. The number of people who have suffered from the ravages of U.S. governmental violence almost certainly is in the millions.

Through it all, the attitude here has been that as long as the killing is taking place over there, it wouldn’t have any effect on people here at home. Life here would go on as normal, especially since people here, protected by the U.S. media, wouldn’t have to see photographs of the dead and injured over there.

Through it all, Americans have…

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