Video: MSNBC Laughs At Trump For Helping Flooding Victims

Hateful keyboard warriors chime in to mock President for loading supply trucks

Steve Watson
Sept 5, 2017

Back from a Labor day break and facing a slow news day, MSNBC’s Morning Joe had to fill air time, and what better way to do it than to laugh at The President and mock him for helping out victims of the hurricane in Texas?

Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski ran a clip of Trump helping out loading supplies on to a truck, and quipping to reporters ‘my hands are too big’.

“Yeah for like a 9-year-old,” Scarborough sardonically began, sarcastically adding “The President’s getting involved, and it’s heartening to me.”

“You can tell he’s done this before,” Scarborough continued, laughing at Trump because he handed a bucket of medical supplies to the Truck driver, rather than place it in the back of the truck.

Of course, Trump was actually greeting the Truck driver and being polite, but no matter, they simply mocked him:

“Here’s your bag of cement,” said Scarborough affecting a slow person’s voice, much to the amusement of his panel.

Yeah, it wasn’t a bag of cement though was it. It wasn’t even a bag, dickwad.

“That’s why you call it a truck,” Scarborough added, then applauding when the footage of Trump putting boxes into the back of the truck was played.

“I bet they’re not breaking this down on Fox & Friends,” Scarborough mocked.

Scarborough was simply repeating the hate spewed by Twitter trolls earlier in the day.

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