Valerie & Obama Even Live Together

The hot topic in Washington is that Jarrett has been behind the attempt to (1) investigate Trump under the pretense of National Security and (2) has been the one also orchestrating the insurgency protests to overthrow Trump. Jarrett even lived in the White House and dined with the Obamas. She has now also moved into Obama’s nerve center behind his OFA designed to overthrow Trump. We do know for a fact that she has been living with the Obamas, which is very strange. One would think you would cherish your privacy.

Here is Jarrett with Obama and Hillary. She is a real bulldog and will not let go until she destroys Trump even if it takes down the government, for that is what is unfolding. They seem to think that taking down Trump will make everything better – but that is their hope to preserve the elite. The bitterness in politics that is building has not been seen since the civil war. I am waiting for a brawl on the floor of Congress soon. That would be perfectly in line with the breakup of the United States and potentially even civil war.

We have lost all civility in politics. The left has historically ALWAYS been the source of revolution. When Obama was elected, the right simply accepted it and moved on. I remember when Jimmy Carter was elected to everyone’s shock. Hey, there were no protests and vows to overthrow the government. I simply traded gold and made a fortune. You went with the markets. Yet when the left loses, they fear Trump and the Republicans will dismantle their socialist agenda. That is what is at stake for them.

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Consequently, Obama has refused to leave Washington and has been engaged with his organization that accepted money from Soros. Where is the press now? Is anyone looking at who is…

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