USS Milwaukee fires Longbow Hellfire missiles in 1st ‘fully integrated’ test (VIDEO) — RT US News

The US Navy successfully test fired four surface-to-surface longbow hellfire missiles during live-fire drills which simulated the USS Milwaukee striking approaching hostile small boat targets farther toward the horizon.

During the live-fire missile exercise off the coast of Virginia on May 11, USS Milwaukee (LCS 5) fired four longbow hellfire missiles that “successfully struck fast inshore attack craft targets,” the Navy said in a statement.

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“During the evolution, the ship’s crew executed a scenario simulating a complex warfighting environment, utilized radar and other systems to track small surface targets, simulated engagements and then fired missiles against the surface targets.”

The video released by the navy shows the missiles being fired vertically before striking the simulated targets at sea.

Last week’s launch marked the first integrated firing of the Surface-to-Surface Missile Module (SSMM) from littoral combat ship (LCS), the Navy noted, adding that it expects the new module to reach “full operational capability” by the end of next year. 

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.