US white nationalists clash with counter-protesters

Hundreds of people are facing off in the US Charlottesville city of Virginia as the city is bracing for a national rally.

Thousands of white nationalists are expected to gather in the in Emancipation Park, where counter–protesters are also expected.

The Saturday rally was organized by a far right group to protest a plan to remove a statue of General Robert E. Lee and call for the protection of Southern Confederate monuments.

Back in February, the City Council voted to remove the statue of Lee, who was leading southern forces against the Union Army in the American Civil War. He has been venerated as a heroic figure in the South.

In response to the nationalist rally, local demonstrators and anti-racist activists from all over the country were called to Charlottesville from all over the country to oppose the event.

Clashes erupted between hundreds of nationalists, who were carrying white blazing torches, with counter-demonstrators at the…

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