US war on Islam is part of its imperial agenda: Journalist

The United States’ war on Islam is part of its imperial agenda which it is implementing around the world, according to Stephen Lendman, an American writer, political commentator and radio host.

“America has been at war with Islam for many, many years… but since the fall of Communism in 1991, the war on Islam begins to pick with some intensity for one main reason: The only way America can pursue its imperial agenda to get the US public go along with it and its so-called allies from NATO and other countries is to convince people that there is a threat that America needs to address to keep us all safe,” Lendman told Press TV on Thursday.

“The public none the wiser is not realizing that the only threat comes from authorities from Washington and its imperial partners, certainly not the people of other countries or the religions they claim are responsible,” he stated.

“When you attack Muslims, you are attacking Islam. Anybody who knows anything…

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