US vows to probe 33 civilian deaths after airstrike in Afghanistan

The commander of US forces in Afghanistan has promised an investigation into the recent death of more than 30 Afghan civilians, including women and children, in an airstrike.

General John Nicholson said Saturday that the airstrike on the village of Buz Kandahari, just outside the northern city of Kunduz on Thursday, would be probed.

Three Taliban leaders were supposed to be targeted in the raid, but the forces met “significant enemy fire from multiple locations” and called for help from a US aircraft, which left 33 civilians, including 17 children, dead.

“An initial investigation has determined that efforts near Kunduz on November 3 to defend Afghan National Defense and Security Forces likely resulted in civilian casualties,” Nicholson said in a statement. “We will work with our Afghan partners to investigate and determine the facts and we will work with the government of Afghanistan to provide assistance.”

The targets were high-ranking elements of…

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