US, UK war on Iraq ‘crime against humanity’: Analysts


The US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003 amounted to a “crime against humanity” and those who planned it need to be held accountable for killing thousands of people, says an analyst in Canada.

Antonious J. Hall, the editor in chief of the American Herald Tribune, made the comments on Sunday, after it was announced that some British soldiers face allegations of mistreating Iraqi people during the war.

The UK-based Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) has launched a probe into the ill-treatment of two Iraqi citizens at the hand of British soldiers in the southern Iraqi city of Basra 13 years ago, the Guardian reported Sunday.

Faisal al-Saadoon and Khalaf Mufdhi were detained in 2003, after two British bomb disposal experts were captured during a militant ambush on their convoy and were shot dead later on.

“Of course, many terrible things happened in invasion of Iraq; this trial of 13 British soldiers is a small example, it is simply a snapshot of the…

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