US, UK, Saudi planning major war on Islam: Scholar

The British government’s extensive arms deals with Saudi Arabia are part of a Zionist plan to wage a major war against Muslim countries in the Middle East, says an academic in London.

Professor Rodney Shakespeare made the remarks while discussing a new poll that shows a majority of Britons oppose London’s weapons sales to Riyadh.

Conducted by Opinium on behalf of the Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT), the survey showed that almost 62 percent of British people think selling arms to Saudi Arabia, the UK’s largest arms customer, was “unacceptable.”

The UK government has been under immense pressure by human rights groups to end arms shipments to the Saudis.

The UK government has sold over £3.3 billion worth of arms – including fighter jets, bombs and missiles – to the Saudi regime since it attacked Yemen in March 2015.

The war has killed at least 11,400 people in Yemen, according to local sources.

“There is an issue bigger than the sale…

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