US to regularly deploy strategic weapons to South Korea: Officials

The United States will regularly deploy strategic weapons to South Korea to counter nuclear and missile threats from North Korea, US and South Korean defense officials said in a joint statement.

Officials reaffirmed the commitment at the first meeting of the Extended Deterrence Strategy and Consultation Group (EDSCG) in Washington on Tuesday.

In an attempt to boost deterrence against Pyongyang, US and South Korean officials launched the joint defense cooperation talks in Washington in October.

“In response to North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats, the officials reaffirmed the commitment of the US to regularly deploy US strategic assets for the defense of the Republic of Korea,” the allies said in their statement on Tuesday.

The two countries will also “enhance such measures and identify new or additional steps to strengthen deterrence,” the statement, published by the US State Department, said.

Earlier in the year, the US sent several B-52 strategic…

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