US student kidnapped to teach English to DPRK leader: Reports

An American student who has been missing and presumed dead for 12 years after a trip to China, turned out to have been kidnapped and forced to teach English to North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, reports say. 

A South Korean activist organization made the revelation on Thursday, saying, David Sneddon, who was a 24-year-old university student at the time, vanished in August 2004 while hiking in southwest China’s Yunnan Province, The Independent reported. 

Choi Sun-yong, head of the Abductees’ Family Union, said Sneddon had been kidnapped by North Korean agents and operatives, and worked as an English tutor for Kim, who was heir to the country’s leadership at the time.

Chinese police told Sneddon’s parents that he had drowned in a river while trekking but they never believed the story and kept searching for a dozen years due to the fact that Sneddon’s body was never found.

“We just knew in our heart that he was alive, so we had to keep fighting,”…

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