US sources say Daesh resorted to chemical attack in Iraq


Daesh Takfiri terrorists have launched a chemical attack against an air base in northern Iraq, US officials say.

The militants fired a shell with mustard agent at the Qayarrah air base south of the Daesh-controlled city of Mosul, the second largest in Iraq, on Tuesday, several US officials told CNN.

American and Iraqi troops are operating in the air base where the shell, either a rocket or artillery shell, landed.

The agent, however, is said to have a “low purity” and “poorly weaponized,” an official said, with a second one calling it “ineffective.”

“It was ISIS that fired at the base, since the terror group has been making mustard agent for some time,” CNN said in its report, citing the Pentagon’s assessment of the situation.

No one is said to have been hurt in the attack while none of the military forces there has been reported as being exposed to the dangerous agent.

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