US Soldier Among 126 Killed in Iraq

An American
soldier was killed
in a bomb blast, while embedded with Peshmerga members
in northern Iraq on Thursday.

At a Coalition meeting in Paris on Thursday, Prime Minister Haider
the operation was going well.

Bartella has been recaptured,
and Nawaran has
as well. Batnaya was also liberated. Other
towns that were freed
include Barima, Fadhliya, Khabat, Khalidiya, Khrap Delil, Makuk, Omar Qamchi,
Pirhalan, Saidawa, Salahya, Znawer and the shrine of Imam Raza.

At least 125 people were killed and seven were wounded.

Casualty figures released by government officials have been
sparse, particularly in regards to security personnel. Also, exact locations
within the Mosul theater have not been given in some cases.

At least a dozen
Peshmerga have been killed
and many more wounded.

A New York Times photographer
was wounded
in a bomb blast.

A bomb wounded two Iraqi
at Nawaran.

A bomb near Tel Skuf wounded two more

In Bartella, two
soldiers were wounded
. An Iraqi source said about 80
militants were killed

Several Peshmerga were wounded
when a suicide
attacked them near Fazeliya.

A rocket attack on Baaj left nine
militants dead

In Mosul, 13
militants died
in an airstrike.

Militants claimed at least five
attacks on Peshmerga.

In Tel al-Sheer, an airstrike killed
a militant leader

Elsewhere in Iraq:

In Baghdad, a bomb wounded
several civilians.

militants were killed
when the bomb they were planting in Riyadh

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