US security tied to court ruling on Muslim travel ban: Trump


US President Donald Trump says the United States will never be safe if his government loses a court battle over his travel ban blocking the entry of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries.

“If the US does not win this case as it so obviously should, we can never have the security and safety to which we are entitled,” the new president said in tweet on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, lawyers with Justice Department and opposing attorneys for the states of Washington and Minnesota offered their legal arguments before the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, California, on whether or not Trump’s travel ban against citizens from Iran, Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Sudan was constitutional.

Upon signing an executive order to authorize the ban in January 27, Trump said he was trying to keep what he called “radical Islamic terrorists” out of the country.

However, chaos ensued at many US airports after immigration officers…

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