US Republican approval hits all-time low: Poll

Fewer than three in 10 Americans have a favorable view of the Republican Party, a CNN poll has found.

The poll, released on Sunday, showed only 29 percent of Americans approve performance of the Republican Party, which has often backed the divisive agenda of controversial President Donald trump since his inauguration on January 20, the lowest approval rating of the since CNN began asking the question in polls in 1992.

The poll showed that most Republicans prefer Trump’s vision for the GOP, with 79 percent saying he is leading the party towards the right direction, while 53 percent believe their leaders in Congress are guiding the party in the wrong direction.  

Overall favorability of the leadership of the Republican Party has dropped to 20 percent, which is a new low in recent polls.  

Only 39 percent of Republicans approve of the job GOP leaders are doing. House Speaker Paul Ryan’s approval has plunged to 32 percent, while Senate…

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