US planning after Iraq invasion gave rise to Daesh: UK foreign min.

UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says it was wrong-planning on the part of the United States that led to the formation of the Daesh (ISIL) Takfiri terrorist group in Iraq.

Testifying before the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Hammond said Thursday that Washington’s mass removal of Ba’ath Party admirers from the Iraqi army in the aftermath of the 2003 Iraq war paved the way for Daesh to emerge.

“Many of the problems we see in Iraq today stem from that disastrous decision to dismantle the Iraqi army and embark on a program of deba’athification,” he said.

“That was the big mistake of post-conflict planning. If we had gone a different way afterwards we might have been able to see a different outcome,” Hammond added.

He told the panel that former Ba’athist officers have defected to Daesh and rank high in the group’s military chain of command, forming a professional core to wreak havoc in Iraq.

The statement comes in the wake…

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