US Muslims bracing for new Islamophobia wave over Brussels

Muslims in America are preparing to bear the brunt of a new spate of Islamophobia, despite their strong condemnation of Tuesday’s deadly terrorist attacks in the Belgian capital.

After Daesh (ISIL) claimed Brussels’ bombings, Muslim leaders in California, New York, Ohio and elsewhere in the US slammed the attacks and warned of renewed Islamophobia in the US.

Yet, on social media and even in mainstream political rhetoric from US presidential hopefuls, anger over the terror attacks has been directed at Muslims who time and again condemn groups like Daesh and disavow their actions as un-Islamic.

The aftermath of an attack “is always a difficult time for Muslims in the United States,” said Nabil Shaikh, a leader of the Muslim Students Association at Princeton University, according to the USA Today.

Also, southern California Muslim leaders on Thursday strongly denounced the attacks in Brussels that killed over 30 people and injured more than…

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