US military’s nude photo scandal spreads to all branches

The Pentagon has expanded the scope of its investigations into a nude photo sharing scandal by US military personnel after finding evidence that it goes beyond the Marine Corps and includes servicemen from all forces.

After the last week discovery that shook the Marines, the media reported on Friday that male service members from all military branches have long been posting nude photos of their female colleagues online.

According to BBC, those involved in the scheme used an anonymous message board called Anon-IB to either request photographs or post the ones they had obtained, or as they called it “wins.”

“Any wright patt wins? I’ll start off with some,” an anonymous user wrote, referring to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio.

A Marine official told CBS News that at least a half-dozen similar online groups or sites were still active, sharing military nude photos.

Earlier on Friday, US Defense Secretary James Mattis reacted to the news in a…

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