US military wants India to counter China’s rise


The US military is reaching out to India for possible cooperation on counterbalancing China’s rise as a maritime power.

According to Admiral Harry Harris, commander of the US Pacific Command, Washington is looking to garner more support from India and other regional players to continue the so-called freedom-of-navigation patrols in the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea.

“In the not too distant future, American and Indian Navy vessels steaming together will become a common and welcome sight throughout Indo-Asia-Pacific waters,” he said, “as we work together to maintain freedom of the seas for all nations,” the Washington  Post reported Sunday.

India holds more military exercises with America than with any other country, and the two allies are working to expand their cooperation.

Despite ruling out joint patrols with the US, in April New Delhi agreed to allow Washington to use its military bases in exchange for weapons technology to help…

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