US military claims killing 50,000 Daesh terrorists in Iraq, Syria

A senior US military official has claimed that the the so-called “coalition” forces have killed 50,000 Daesh (ISIL) terrorists in the past two years throughout Iraq and Syria, pointing to a figure that is considerably larger than previous estimates.

The latest assessment by the unidentified official who, according to an AP report, spoke on condition of anonymity since he lacks authorization to publicly discuss the matter, even exceeded the 45,000 estimate announced in August by Lt. Gen. Sea MacFarland without pointing to how Pentagon had arrived at such assessment.

According to the report, US authorities have “expressed reluctance to disclose specific numbers” but assert that ISIL terrorists have been able to replace militants “rapidly.”

The claim was made during an address to “a small group of reporters” in which the military official further stated that airstrikes by the US-led coalition “could be more aggressive in places like…

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