US man receives jail for Obama death threats

A man in the US state of Oregon been sentenced to prison after making death threats against former President Barack Obama.

District Judge Michael J. McShane sentenced John Martin Roos, 62, to five years and three months in Prison last week, after he pleaded guilty to making “violent social media posts” online, The Hill reported Sunday.

“Threats of violence directed at public officials and law enforcement are a serious matter,” the US attorney for Oregon, Billy J. William was quoted as saying by local media. “Violent social media posts are every bit as serious as those made in other venues.”

Roos caught the law enforcement’s radar in July 2016, when “concerned individuals” reported his online messages about killing Obama and shooting FBI agents.

Two months later, he was arrested outside a rehabilitation center that he was a patient at. Police found a rifle, a shotgun and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in his bedroom. The officers also…

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