US man pepper-sprayed by police while strapped in restraining chair


An Ohio man has filed suit after video showed him being pepper-sprayed by officers while already strapped into a restraint chair and handcuffed.

Charles Wade was arrested for allegedly drunken driving in Montgomery County in October, and says that officers used excessive force as he was taken in for processing.

Surveillance video obtained by local activist David Esrati shows Wade being taken into the jail, and headbutting a padded wall before he was eventually moved into a main room.

Officers strapped him to a chair by the legs and waist before he says “Do you white people feel good doing this to us n—-rs?” and they move to undo his handcuffs so they can strap his arms.

“What the f— are you f—ing doing to my hands” Wade, who is bent over, says as he begins to struggle.

The brief jostling causes Sgt. John Eversole to spray the suspect “at a range of approximately one inch with a long burst” according to Wade’s lawsuit.

As Wade goes on a…

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