US judge rejects Trump’s Nevada lawsuit over rigged voting

GOP nominee Donald Trump’s lawsuit in the battleground state of Nevada has been rejected by a judge, rejecting claims that early voting sites in Democratic areas were kept open for too late. 

On Tuesday, Trump, who has been calling the US election “rigged,” filed a lawsuit in the battleground state of Nevada, but his request was rejected by a judge.

Trump’s lawsuit concerned votes cast at a Las Vegas polling place last Friday.

The case could give Trump a higher hand in the Battle Born State especially if Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s final victory depends on the state’s six electoral votes.

The Trump campaign claimed that the Clark County registrar broke a law that allows voters standing in line to vote even after the polls close.

The registrar was said to have reopened a polling site almost two hours after it was shut down as the polls had closed in the county, including Las Vegas, on Friday.

Judge Gloria Sturman at the Clark County…

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