US-Israel ties at core of Middle East turmoil: Analyst

The US-Israeli relationship is at the core of the conflicts in the Middle East, says an American author and analyst.

“The relationship between Israel and the United States is really one of the causes of the rise of all the turmoil in the Middle East,” Richard Forer told Press TV on Monday.

“Arab countries see that America speaks about values such as freedom and democracy and it supports some of the worst offenders of freedom and democracy,” he explained.

“When it comes to the treatment of the Palestinian people, Israel is a real human rights abuser and offender,” he added.

A large number of Orthodox Jewish and pro-Palestinian activists staged a demonstration in front of the White House on Sunday against the Israeli regime.

The protesters called for the immediate termination of the Israeli entity and the return of the occupied territories to Palestinians.

Activists also gathered outside a building where the annual conference of the American…

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