US House passes bill to block Guantanamo transfers

The US House of Representatives in Congress has passed a bill that would block the transfer of any detainees from the notorious Guantanamo Bay military prison during President Barack Obama’s remaining tenure.

The measure was passed on Thursday largely along party lines with all but four Republicans backing it and all but 12 of Obama’s fellow Democrats opposing it.

The measure must now pass from the Senate, where it faces tough odds. The White House has promised to veto the bill.

In a statement, Representative Ed Royce, a Democrat from California, said he was pleased the House voted to halt the Obama administration’s “reckless and dangerous policy of releasing detainees from terrorist prison.”

The bill would stop transfers only until Obama leaves the White House in January or signs a new National Defense Authorization Act, an annual bill setting military policy which includes other provisions.

Obama had promised to close the Guantanamo prison during…

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