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American Herald Tribune: Why did the US suspend the INF treaty with Russia? Is it a matter of Trump breaking treaties or is it the will of the establishment?

Paul Craig Roberts: Washington withdrew from the INF treaty as part of the attempt, ongoing since the Clinton regime, to achieve military hegemony over Russia. Clinton broke Washington’s word and moved NATO to Russia’s borders. George W. Bush withdrew from the anti-ballistic missile treaty in order to create a shield that would give Washington a first-strike advantage over Russia. Russia responded with hypersonic missiles that cannot be intercepted. Trump withdrew from the INF treaty in order to place missiles on Russia’s borders that permit Russia no reaction time.

A second reason for Washington’s withdrawal is that Washington wants to deploy intermediate-range nuclear missiles against China.

A third reason is that the additional $1 trillion budgeted by the Obama regime for more nuclear weapons needs an excuse, and restarting an arms race by withdrawing from the INF treaty creates an excuse for Washington to hand over $1 trillion more of taxpayers’ money to the military/security complex.

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How do you think the government of Nicolas Maduro can survive the US coup? What measures should be employed to secure their economy against US sanctions?

Maduro would have to arrest Juan Guaido who without any doubt is guilty of sedition. Maduro would have to arrest the Venezuelan elites who are cooperating with the CIA against the duly elected government of Venezuela, and he would have to nationalize the media to take it out of the hands of coup plotters.  He would…

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