US evaluating nuclear attack on Russia, China


US intelligence agencies are working with the country’s military forces to update previous assessments about a possible nuclear attack against Russia and China.

Conducted by the Pentagon’s Strategic Command and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the study is trying to find out whether the Russian and Chinese leadership could survive a nuclear strike and keep operating, Stars and Stripes reported on Monday.

Championed by Republican Representative Michael Turner, the study drew bipartisan support in Congress and was passed before the inauguration of US President Donald Trump, who has expressed willingness to reshape ties with both China and Russia.

The findings of the study, which was one of the little-noticed provisions of the 2017 Pentagon budget, would provide a complete evaluation of Moscow and Beijing’s “leadership survivability, command and control and continuity of government programs” in case of an attack.

A US Air B-52…

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  • shagbargh

    Stop thinking and let’s do it. Drop the big one now. Get it over with. That will be one less thing to be afraid of. Just pray you are close to one of the numerous ground zeros.

    • gmatch

      Yeah, I like the stinky Yankee being pegged out by nukes.

      • shagbargh

        Your glee would be short lived because it won’t be contained to us Yanks. So enjoy it while you can. :)


    Do you think a nuclear attack is impending? Why is the radiation of every American city 200 to 300 times above normal? This was done by Israel at Fukushima and is an extinction level event. The human race has killed itself. Nukes obviously used on 9/11 stolen from the U.S. by their good friend and ally Israel. It’s ok, the jews are tight with God. The government will raise the acceptable levels for radiation in your drinking water.

    • gmatch

      Fukushima was done by failed industrial policies – the management kept the spend fuel at the sites, they never allowed a clean up like it is done in Europe and that left over 6000 tons of radioactive material at the mercy of a tsunami. Remember Chernobyl that was less than 400 tons.