US Dems’ policy in favor of Israel can change by someone ‘with ethics’

Changing US Democrats’ traditional proclivity for Israel despite all the crimes the regime commits against humanity needs some candidate “with ethics” like Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, says a Washington-based author.

The Democratic candidate, running against pro-Israel Hilary Clinton, recently spoke of an “evenhanded” treatment of Palestinians in the US politics, gripped with a penchant for Tel Aviv.

“I believe that for too long our country and our government have not given the Palestinian people the respect that they need,” said the senator in an interview with the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday.

Although he also declared himself “100% supportive of Israel’s right to exist,” the Democratic hopeful could still be branded as an anti-Semitist, “the normal dog whistle used by those who promote the Israeli policies no matter how outrageous they are,” according to investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.

“Sanders has really done an…

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