US corruption to worsen under Trump: Watchdog

US President Donald Trump’s proposed policies will increase corruption and inequality across the country, says global watchdog Transparency International.

The anti-graft watchdog said Wednesday that populist politicians like Trump and French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen will bring about corruption and social inequality in societies.

Such autocratic leaders often weaken democracies, reinforce crackdown on civil societies and limit freedom of the press, the Berlin-based group said.

“In the case of Donald Trump, the first signs of such a betrayal of his promises are already there,” TI’s research chief Finn Heinrich wrote in a blog about the report.

TI generally defines corruption as “the misuse of public power for private benefit.”

Trump has spoken about “rolling back key anti-corruption legislation and ignoring potential conflicts of interest that will exacerbate, not control, corruption,” he noted.

The US has already fallen two places…

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