US commander vows Taliban's defeat as Afghanistan gets Black Hawk copters

The top US military commander in Afghanistan has vowed imminent “tidal wave of air power” in the 16-year war of attrition against the Taliban militants, boasting that “this is the beginning of the end for the Taliban.”

The remarks by Army Gen. John Nicholson came in an “elaborately staged ceremony” on Saturday at Kandahar Air Base showing off the delivery of used and refurbished Black Hawk combat helicopters supplied by the US as part of Washington’s new, open-ended policy of troop-surge in the country, purportedly geared towards ending the Afghan war rather than the previously proclaimed ‘nation-building,’ The Washington Post reported.

“We are with you in this fight, and we will stay with you,” Nicholson was quoted in the report, calling the war against terrorism “the most important fight in the world.”

This is while the commander of the US air advisory mission Brig. Gen. Philip Stewart, who was also present at the…

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