US airstrikes in Libya doubled in less than 30 days


The US military has dramatically increased the number of its airstrikes in Libya in less than a month, new data shows, further cementing President Barack Obama’s record of taking more military action than any other American president.

American fighter jets and drones stationed aboard the amphibious assault vessel USS Wasp off the Libyan coast, have so far carried out 324 airstrikes in the country, according to data by the Pentagon’s Africa Command, which leads the operation.

This is more than two times the 161 air raids that the US had carried out in Libya until September 21.

According to a report by Reuters, American aircraft had conducted more than 30 strikes across Libya between Saturday and Monday.

Washington began the air campaign on August 1, under the pretext of taking out the Daesh (ISIL) Takfiri terrorists, who raised to power in the oil-rich country after the NATO-backed ousting and death of longtime ruler Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.


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  • Tim Hadfield

    Yes – kill those troublesome Libyans – how dare they want their country back.
    Don’t they know that the USA only wants what’s good for them.

  • Lombardi100

    Hillary Clinton is responsible with Obama administration for not
    left Qaddafi son to negotiate a peace settlement in Libya by
    instructing top general to not communicate with him to avoid the NATO
    allies attack.. Today Libya definitely needs that smart Arab man Saif
    Al-Islam to bring back the country together, along with the tribal
    support. Libya will be in the right direction with stable economy once
    again. Libya must be saved from the incompetent puppet government put
    by US regime change policy. America can help him with military support
    to bring Libya back to Arab democratic reforms to gain back the
    prosperity after the mess and mistakes made
    by US and its allied
    that destroyed Libya’s culture. Vicious murdering of Qaddafi by using
    those barbaric terrorist killers has created a refugee crisis and the
    spreading of terrorists across the world. The vision of Qaddafi was the
    independence for his country and Africa from foreign bankers by having
    their own banking system with a strong gold dinar currency.
    Unfortunately his plan was failed due to the attack by the NATO and its
    allies which crumbled and destroyed most of infrastructures of the
    country and his government. It was a pure violation of international
    laws. It had nothing to do for democracy and human rights as it was
    claimed by US government.

  • Johnny Canuck

    I guess they have to finish the bombing of the incredible pipeline Mr. Gaddafi built to bring water to all of his People. Other than that, what is left to bomb?

    Blow some bombs off, make a little dust and charge the the Taxpayers for some more bombs to blow off for nothing.

    Anyways, the Amerikan Air Farce can’t hit the side of a mountain without Murdering Civilians. The Military that can’t can’t bomb right. GFY, USSA!!!!!