US admits to failures in retaining Iraqi army, limiting militia role

US military officials have admitted to failure of their efforts to “retrain and reunify” Iraq’s regular army and generate enough combat units in a bid to limit the influence of locally-trained volunteer militia forces.

Citing unwillingness of Iraqis to join units under US instructions as well as resistance of “low-level Iraqi officers” to send units for American training, retired US Lieutenant General Mick Bednarek, who led the US military’s training programs in Iraq from 2013 to 2015, said despite having 4,000 American military instructors in the war-torn country, they faced multiple challenges, Reuters reported Saturday.

“The Iraqi military’s capacity hasn’t improved that much – part of that is the continuing challenge of recruitment and retention,” Bednarek said as quoted in the report, clearly aimed at undermining success of Iraqi military operations being conducted around Fallujah and elsewhere without reliance on any US…

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