UKIP politician reports hate crime over ‘No country for old white men’ placard — RT UK News

A placard targeting “old white men” which was held up by a woman at a march in London has been reported as a hate crime by a member of UKIP.

Angered UKIP Assembly group leader Peter Whittle shared the image on Twitter. The picture shows a woman with pink hair sitting on a man’s shoulders at a protest march in the British capital, holding up a sign which reads: “No country for old white men.”

Whittle said on Twitter: “I wish to report this placard, photographed at the Women’s March in Whitehall London on January 21st, as a possible hate crime @MetCC.”

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Supporters of the UKIP spokesman and think tank director congratulated the find, but warned he would not be taken seriously. One wrote: “Poor delicate snowflakes,” while another said: “Yes peter go for it.”

The Metropolitan Police contact center did take an interest, however. A later tweet asked Whittle, a London Assembly member, to send them a message in private so they can “discuss this further.”

Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.