UK, US ignoring war crimes of their allies: Scholar

Britain, the US and their allies have taken a selective approach to the issue of human rights to protect their interests, an American scholar says, citing Saudi Arabia and Israel’s immunity to punishment as an example.

Stephen Zunes, a California-based international relations scholar, made the comments one day after the UK blocked efforts by the European Union (EU) to launch an independent international inquiry into Saudi Arabia’s war of aggression in Yemen.

Initially, the EU was hoping to gather support for its proposal that the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) establish an inquiry to look into the Saudi atrocities in Yemen, but instead the body was forced to replace the proposal with a much weaker one “to monitor and report on the situation” upon London’s opposition.

“This is unfortunately typical of a number of Western nations when it comes to the investigations of war crimes,” Zunes told Press TV on Sunday.

He said the UK’s move in…

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