UK Supreme Court won't overturn Brexit vote: Court president

The UK Supreme Court, which has heard a landmark case to decide whether the government can trigger the process of Britain’s exit from the European Union without the parliament’s approval, says it will not overturn the result of the Brexit referendum.

In closing remarks at the end of a four-day hearing, Supreme Court President David Neuberger said on Thursday the court it will announce its ruling on the Brexit legal challenge as soon as possible.

The country’s highest judicial body began the hearing about a government appeal against last month’s High Court ruling that only the parliament has the authority to trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to begin the Brexit process on Monday.

Neuberger said the case is only focused on the process of leaving the EU. “We are not being asked to overturn the result of the EU referendum. The ultimate question in this case concerns the process by which that result can lawfully be brought into effect.”

“As we…

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