UK supporting Saudi genocide in Yemen: Scholar

The UK government’s arms deals with Saudi Arabia, which is carrying out a ‘genocide’ in Yemen, shows London’s tendency to support totalitarian regimes around the world, says a British scholar.

Dr. Rodney Shakespeare, a London-based university professor, made the remarks while discussing an official report about Britain’s sale of illegal weapons to Riyadh.

According to a letter by Defense Secretary Michael Fallon to Conservative MP Philip Hollobone, the UK exported 500 cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia in the 1980s and the munitions were later used in the kingdom’s war on Yemen.

So far, at least 11,400 Yemenis have been killed in Saudi Arabia’s aggression, which began in March 2015.

“The United Kingdom engages in the disgusting business of supporting the most brutal autocratic regimes in the world,” Shakespeare told Press TV on Wednesday.

“I refer to the regime in Saudi Arabia, which is in occupation of Bahrain and we supported the…

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