UK soldiers condemned over 2003 drowning of Iraqi boy

A British judge has condemned four UK soldiers who forced an Iraqi boy into a canal and let him drown during the Iraq War.

Judicial investigations by Sir George Newman, a former High Court judge, indicated that 15-year-old Ahmed Jabbar Kareem Ali was along with three other men who had been detained on suspicion of looting in the Iraqi southern city of Basra in May 2003.  

“The soldiers, having detained him for looting, forced him to enter the canal and left him floundering,” Newman’s report said.

The judge said Ahmed had been “aggressively manhandled and assaulted” by soldiers who then unlawfully forced him into the waterway.

“He should not have been detained and held in armed and confined custody in a Warrior [vehicle], he should not have been transported in the Warrior to the canal, he should not have been forced to enter the canal, let alone left there to flounder and drown,” the report noted.

Newman said the boy did not know how to…

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