UK poll shows Corbyn heavily favored over rival in leadership race

A new UK opinion poll indicates heavy support for current Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn over his top challenger Owen Smith in the party’s leadership contest next September.

The online survey conducted by Opinium Research shows Corbyn enjoys more than twice the support of Labour Party backers with 54 percent favoring him compared to Smith, who is favored by only 22 percent of party supporters taking part in the poll, the Guardian reported Saturday.

This is while nearly 20 percent of surveyed Labour Party backers said they were yet undecided and four percent said they did not intend to participate in the voting process.

The latest findings further pointed to continued strong support for Corbyn at grassroots levels despite weeks of bitter conflict between the leader and Labour lawmakers at Westminster, a large majority of whom backed a vote of no confidence following the EU referendum last month.

Labour Party MP and Corbyn’s top leadership…

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