UK police protecting Trump slam ‘chaotic’ accommodation — RT UK News

Police officers drafted in to protect US President Donald Trump on his UK visit are grappling with a lack of food and water and are reportedly being subjected to freezing cold showers in “unacceptable” accommodation.

Officers have taken to Twitter to express their outrage at where they are being made to stay for three nights while they take part in Operation Manifold – the name given to the massive protection unit for the president.

Some have complained of having just a few hours of sleep ahead of 12-hour shifts because they’re crammed in a room with another 300 officers. A Twitter user by the name of ‘Manchester Sergeant’ described the situation as “chaos.”

He went on describing the accommodation, saying: “The deafening sound of 50 out of 300 people snoring, the odd phone going off, constant creaking of these stretcher beds and then.. ….. someone farts have to try and see the funny side.

“After one hours sleep, a freezing cold shower and having to get dressed in the dark with no light there are serious issues with health and safety arising in my accomodation,” he said, the Daily Mirror reports. “People are saying they feel unwell. Myself included.” The account’s owner has since closed it down.

Other reports claim female officers are being forced to sleep on the floor.

Chairman of the Hampshire Police Federation John Apter said the conditions in which officers are being made to sleep are worse than those experienced by prisoners. He called on the National Police Chiefs Council to step in to improve the treatment of its forces.

Trump’s visit to the UK – which got underway on Thursday when he landed at Stansted airport – will be met with the biggest police security operation since the 2011 London riots. Thousands of police officers have been mobilized from almost every force in England and Wales, costing an estimated £8-10 million.

Officers have had their leave cancelled and will be enduring extended 12-hour shifts to cover Trump’s stay. The president will visit Blenheim Palace, Chequers, Windsor Castle, the US ambassador’s official residence in Regent’s Park, London, and Scotland. The visit is expected to be marked by numerous protests with tens of thousands of demonstrators set to attend a mass rally in London on Friday.

One officer dismissed accusations that they are trying to get “luxury” treatment saying:

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Via RT. This piece was reprinted by RINF Alternative News with permission or license.