UK misled minster in frantic bid to sell arms for Saudi’s war on Yemen

British Defense Ministry (MoD) has been accused of “seriously misleading” a cabinet minister in frantic efforts to win export licenses for sale of UK-built missile to Saudi Arabia for its brutal bombing campaign in neighboring Yemen.

The UK’s former business secretary Vince Cable insists that he was given specific assurances by the MoD about oversight of potential targets – which he deemed an essential safeguard to minimize the risk of civilian tolls in the massive Saudi airstrikes throughout Yemen, The Guardian reported Saturday.

Citing an interview with Cable, the daily further quotes the ex-secretary as saying that he signed off on export licenses for delivery of laser-guided Paveway IV missiles, which he had blocked amid concerns about civilian deaths after receiving assurances by the UK government that it would enhance its oversight of what was being bombed by the Saudi military.

However, the daily adds, the MoD insists it has no military…

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