UK Labour Party adopts pro-business, militarist election manifesto


UK Labour Party adopts pro-business, militarist election manifesto

Robert Stevens

13 May 2017

On Wednesday, a draft of the Labour Party’s manifesto for the June 8 general election was leaked, with several newspapers publishing its contents Thursday amid screaming headlines denouncing it as tantamount to communism.

Later that day, Labour’s Clause 5 committee discussed the draft. The committee includes the nominally left Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, his fierce right-wing critic and deputy leader Tom Watson and other leading party and trade union officials. After the meeting, Corbyn declared to the press that the document had been unanimously agreed and would be officially released next week.

The manifesto has been agreed because it contains all the main demands of the Blairites.

It reaffirms Labour’s commitment to NATO and the renewal of the Trident nuclear weapons system. On the terms of Britain leaving the European Union, it affirms that Labour’s central concern is for British business to retain access to “the benefits of the Single Market and the Customs Union.”

The manifesto is so entirely dedicated to the interests of Britain’s ruling elite that the Guardian newspaper praised its contents, along with a number of its columnists who have been demanding Corbyn’s head since he was elected leader in September 2015.

Leading supporter of the party’s Blairite wing, Polly Toynbee, wrote that the manifesto was a “cornucopia of delights.” In contrast to Labour’s 1983 manifesto—dubbed by the Labour right as the “longest suicide note in history”—she wrote, “There is no reprise here of the killer pledges that caused the party to split back then – pulling out of Europe, out of NATO with unilateral disarmament, protectionist exchange and…

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