UK Independence Party to lose only MP as he quits party

The anti-EU, anti-immigration UK Independence Party (UKIP) will no longer be represented in the British parliament after its only MP announced he was quitting to become an independent lawmaker.

On Saturday, Douglas Carswell said his membership was no longer necessary following last year’s referendum vote to leave the EU, saying: “I will leave UKIP amicably, cheerfully and in the knowledge that we won.”

The announcement comes just days before Prime Minister Theresa May is due to formally notify the European Union of Britain’s intention to leave the bloc, starting a two-year countdown to Brexit.

Carswell’s ties had long been strained with the rest of the party, in particular its founder Nigel Farage, who has repeatedly tried and failed to win election to the 650-seat House of Commons.

Farage, one of UKIP’s 20 members of the European Parliament, last month publicly asked Carswell to leave the party, saying he “actively and transparently seeks to damage…

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