UK House of Commons to review acid attack laws

The UK House of Commons is set to review recent acid attacks in the British capital and laws concerning such attacks in the country.

Five acid attacks took place in London on Thursday night, raising serious concerns about a crime becoming widespread.

The Monday review will look at existing laws on the possession and throwing of acid, the response of police, sentencing, how people access harmful products, and the support offered to acid attack victims.

Police say more than 400 acid or corrosive substance attacks were carried out in England and Wales in the six months to April 2017, indicating a worrying increase in reports of attacks with acid or similar substances as offensive weapons.

Most acid attack cases never reach courts, and sentences for people who carry out the attacks in England and Wales are reportedly light.

A “wide-ranging” government review, following the rise in attacks, could result in heavier sentences for offenders.


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