UK home to up to 25,000 Takfiri extremists: EU official

The European Union’s top terror official has warned that Britain is home to up to 25,000 Takfiri extremists who could pose a terrorist threat to the country as well as other EU countries.

Gilles de Kerchove, the EU’s counter-terror coordinator, told Spain’s El Mundo newspaper on Thursday that he expected more terrorist attacks following the deadly car incidents in Barcelona and Cambrils, the Spanish cities.

“We are going to suffer more attacks,” he said.

“The majority, except Brussels and Paris, were not directed from Raqqah but inspired, and then ISIS (Daesh) claimed responsibility,” he said, referring to the Syrian city considered the de facto capital of the Daesh terrorist group.

“The group’s propaganda no longer calls so much for people to travel to the ‘caliphate’, but to launch attacks in their places of origin or of residence, even on a small scale with homemade weapons,” he continued.

British officials have…

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